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How OpenReporting performed under traffic

We have done a lot of performance testing on the background processes, front end UI in the past but we didn’t get a chance to share the results with the world yet, mostly as they were too technical in nature. This changed when we heard about the load testing service They offer load simulation and performance testing under various traffic conditions and the results are easy to interpret even for those with limited technical skills. We decided to take our reports to test and see how they perform. We choose the Demo page itself for performance testing and the results are below…
The graph above shows OpenReporting serving 100 concurrent users (simulated users) under an average of 400 milliseconds of time. We had tested the report page with 25 users, 50 users, etc. but didn’t notice any increase in response time at all. At some point we would like to run these tests again and see what will be the maximum number of users we can support before the performance starts to degrade. But for the time being we are happy with the results.

You can see the test result at and even run your own tests if you like.
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