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Introducing Search!

We are happy to announce a new feature in our reports – Search. You can see the search bar on top left, next to the Category breadcrumb. This is our little Google for the financial information that resides on the cloud.
Just type in your search key and hit enter or click the search icon to start a search. You will be presented with results that match the categories and transactions the search found. You can use any number of words or phrases, just like you do on Google.  Click on a search result to drill down to the corresponding category (account) or transaction.

You can search for Categories or account numbers if you are looking for a type of revenue or expense to do your research on. For example the expenses for a particular department or revenues received via a particular grant over the years.
You can even search for transactions, looking for possible phrases inside a transaction’s description field or even pin point a single transaction by searching for the transaction number, if you have that information handy.
While the category search is good for analysis of aggregates, transaction search results are good for cross checking the receipts and bills you may have or even ad-hoc checks on the data. Combined together, these two types of search results will give you really quick access to the information you are looking for. On any search you perform, the system will show you top results of both types, marked with coloured tags, and you can drill down to the one you are looking for.

Please let us know your thoughts on this new feature and how we can improve it.